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Digital high definition satellite television is increasing in popularity, with Dish Network recently reporting crossing the 12 million subscriber threshold and growing, and there are probably more uninformed as to actual workings of satellite TV than informed. How does Dish Network make television programming so realistic in image and sound?
Dish Network, owned and operated by EchoStar Communications, receives digital satellite signals from their fleet of nine satellites. Plans are underway at present for EchoStar to launch their tenth satellite this month – February – increasing their ability to bring you more and better entertainment. Communications/television satellites orbit synchronously at an elevation of about 22,000 miles above the Earth remaining over certain land masses/areas so that a receiver dish can remain stationary on the side of a home or in a yard. The advanced research and growth of Dish Network is directly attributed to their continued enhancements in the area of home entertainment programming.
Dish Network obtains select programming from providers like Life Time, HBO, CNN, ESPN, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, and other sources. These providers, also known as ‘uplink’ sites initially beam their signals to the satellites. Dish Network’s, whose broadcast facility is located in Colorado, satellites then digitize the signaling for quality, encrypt the signals, and then transmit a digital high definition rebroadcast to installed receivers in subscriber homes providing the best in home entertainment services. Each satellite has what is called a target area or ‘footprint’, and programming from a given satellite can only be received within that particular target area or ‘footprint’. The 1980’s and 1990’s dish receivers were huge, some being about 10 feet in diameter, but now it is completely portable so it is easy to take your receiver with you as you travel in recreational vehicles or boats – just place your dish facing a Southern sky and signals are easily received.
This process allows Dish Network to deliver digital high definition and standard satellite services all over the world and to offer subscribers over 256 channels of quality programming plus 50 channels of Sirius music in CD quality clarity. Dish Network offers the most complete and diverse packages available with premium movie channels, 500 commercial-free movies each month, excellent sports channels, interactive gaming with local and national weather and traffic updates, multi-cultural international programming, educational channels, VOOM high definition channels, and children’s and adult channels. A Parental Lock feature is included for absolute control in family viewing. Dish Network offers free equipment and installation and specified services for a limited time. As a gift to first-time subscribers, Dish Network includes a Digital Video Recorder – free – to further enhance viewing enjoyment. The DVR allows you to digitally record and store up to 100 hours of programming in 100 percent digital high definition imaging and sound. This lets the viewer record, fast-forward, rewind, and pause – even stopping live broadcasting for annoying interruptions – and then resuming with no problems. You can create your own instant replays with your DVR as well as a library of your favorite movies, sports events, or music.
Click on Dish Network now for complete information on packages and pricing. Comparison-shopping will confirm that you can have the best and most for about the same amount you are now paying for average television programming. Ordering is easy – online or by telephone. A friendly Dish Network representative will answer any questions, take your order, and schedule installation for a time that fits with your busy schedule.
Now you are informed as to how your new Dish Network digital satellite television home entertainment system operates.

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