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For most of us, GPS has revolutionized the navigation world in a way that few could have predicted. The ability for the average civilian to buy a relatively cheap, handheld, battery operated GPS and have the ability to interface with satellites around the world, providing the user with his or her location and altitude has been a god send. The applications of this technology have been equally impressive. In fact most of us have become so reliant on the technology that we would have serious difficulty operating in a world without GPS navigation. Even though GPS continues to provide an invaluable infrastructure for global navigation, there is an evolution of sorts taking place in the world of GPS navigation.
Europe has delved into the world of GPS navigation that had so far been the domain of the United States. Galileo is the project name for the European satellite navigation system that unlike the United States? program, is designed specifically for commercial and civilian use. Galileo relies on a network of 30 satellites and ground stations provide the means for satellite radio navigation. The Galileo system is aimed at complementing the current GPS system and enabling a higher degree of navigational accuracy for the general population. Its creators claim that Galileo will enhance accuracy to within one meter, opening the door to a raft of new possibilities for GPS says http://www.buyingagps.com . The new system will require a new receiver although the Europeans say that the device will be small and cheap as it is squarely aimed at the consumer market.
Although the technology is clearly just a variant of an existing model, the future looks promising for Galileo. Already there is talk of applications for the blind, law-enforcement, customs services, the justice system, transport and logistics and also search and rescue. If nothing else this technology may just make it that bit easier for die hard fishermen who have been such stalwarts of GPS!


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