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Global positioning system (GPS) technology first appeared in the 1980s. At that time, however, it was mostly used by the military. Next, it became widely available as GPS car tracking. Now, GPS devices can be very tiny, and they are used for a variety of purposes from going on treasure hunts to tracking teenagers. However, GPS car tracking remains one of the most popular and widespread uses of GPS technology.
One of the reasons GPS car tracking is so popular is for its navigation benefits. A car-tracking device is most often used, not to actually track the car by someone other than the person driving the car, but to help the driver navigate. An on board computer helps to contact a satellite that in turn finds the information on the vehicles location and then communicates that information to the car?s computer. After the information has been received, it is displayed on a navigation screen. Often it is displayed in map form for a more effective visual representation of where the car is.
GPS car tracking is very useful when navigating a new place. It is especially helpful on vacations. Even if someone has never before visited a locale, he or she can figure out where to go using the GPS navigation in the car. Such a tool is very efficient in mapping the best route to sightseeing attractions. It is also very useful in finding the way back to the hotel.
Tourists are not the only people that make use of GPS car tracking systems, however. Many commuters use such devices in the morning to find the best way to work. Some systems are equipped to find out traffic conditions and then map out alternative routes. This can save the commuter a lot of frustration and time sitting in traffic. These systems make for more tolerable morning and evening drives.
So, while it can be used to effectively apprehend auto thieves and recover stolen vehicles, it also has the ability to help its own navigate through the parts of life that involve driving from one place to the other with the help of GPS car tracking.

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