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Get the right satellite TV providers: A checklist for satellite TV buyers
Nowadays, the expansion rate of satellite TV had beaten cable TV greatly. Recent polls show some common reasons being superior picture quality, larger selection of channels and programs, increased availability, good customer service and the continuing drop in price.
From the popularity angle, we can see that cable TV is having a bigger market segments as they are the pioneer in the paid TV business. However, satellite TV services are less expensive, provide better picture quality (digital signal) and give more programming choices to their users. Perhaps this is the reason why satellite TV had been listed as one of the fastest growing products in United States. We predict that this rapid growing trend will remain the same pace for the next 5 years. As for consumer?s view of angle, satellite TV deals seems to be the better deal to go for.
However, with any hot product come the scammers. Hundreds or even thousands of “free satellite TV” websites had popped up; claming to offer the best satellite TV deals and promotions. Most of these scams offer a fake promise on their deals. Extremely low monthly subscription rates, next-day installation, and unlimited number of free satellite systems are some of the common promotion terms. However, once a customer signs up they find hidden activation fees, high delivery costs for free extras, installation dates continuously missed or pushed back, as well as shocking cancellation fees.
Satellite TV buyers should always beware of all these scammers and do not fall into their traps. Satellite TV deals can be a huge bargains or a scary nightmare and it all depends on the satellite TV retailers that you pick. To avoid these troubles, you must be prepared to do some study before getting into the deal. Understand clearly all the buying terms, avoid confusion by the promotion wordings, and select only dependable satellite TV providers (retailers).
What happen when someone place his/her order on satellite TV services via online retailers?
You place an order with an online satellite TV system retailer. You will then choose the number of satellite system you wished to receive. Standard online satellite TV deals will offer you up to 4 free satellite systems along with certain incentive gifts like DVD player or home theater systems.
At the time of ordering you will schedule a time that a local professional installer can come to your home and install the system. You do not need to choose your programming packages at the time of order. For example when you are ordering the Dish Network deals, you can always order your Dish Network systems first and decide your programming package later. Instructions for ordering your Dish Network programming will be sent with your systems.
You will need to call Dish Network’s toll-free number (24/7 all year long) after your installation is completed. A customer service representative will help you activate all the programming you would like. The satellite system will either be shipped to your home before the installation date or the installer will bring it with them. In normal case, shipping cost and standard installation fees are free of charge.
How should I know the satellite TV retailer is dependable?
Both Dish Network and DirecTV had several authorized online retailers assigned and you are always recommended to order your satellite systems from them. Remember! Only order your satellite TV from authorized dealers. Further more, to get a dependable online dealer, we suggest checklist below as the minimum requirements.
This page: http://www.satellitetvissue.com/freesatellites/dealers.html would be a good place to start on with a filtered list of satellite TV providers.
Requirements on good online satellite TV retailers:
In satellite TV business for more than 1 year.
Websites must provide secure order page and certified website.
Must be authorized by Dish Network or DirecTV officials.
No “hidden” fees- cost charged on credit card is shown clearly.
Customer service available via phone, live chats or email.
100% guaranteed. (Full refund if installation fails).
Testimonial, users review, as well as other authority sites recommendation would be a plus point.

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