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Mobile Search is here.
The percentage of domestic users that have tried mobile search is small, but growing rapidly. Why? Because the services make sense, they have an easily understandable value and they can be used immediately. Mobile search provides you with valuable information while on the go: business directory, driving directions, sports scores, stock quotes, flight info, and more. But, what is this thing called ?mobile search?? Simply, it is the process of locating mobile downloads and mobile information via a mobile device.
?Using a mobile device and SMS, or Short Message Service, wireless customers can now get directions to nearby restaurants and other information from the curb. Analysts say that’s a potent combination, not only for consumers, but for the fast-growing Web search business,? says Wendy Widman of CNET?s News.com.
How do you use it?
Grab your mobile device and try it! Most services, such as 4INFO?s, are free aside from your carrier contract charges (which, for most, is ten cents per message, or less). You can choose to text message your queries (on 4INFO, send to 44636) or access the mobile web on your phone (on 4INFO, access http://wap.4INFO.net). Then, try the following examples:
Local Business Directory: biz type + zip code or city name
Ex: ?towing 92111? or “pizza 10001”
Weather: w + zip code or city name
Ex: ?weather dallas? or “w 94025”
Sports Scores: team name
Ex: ?colts? or ?lakers?
Fantasy Stats: first name + last name
Ex: ?peyton manning? or “randy moss”
Stock Quotes: stock/fund symbol or name
Ex: ?msft? “csco”
Flights: airline + flight # or airline and airport to airport
Ex: ?swa 396? or ?jblue jfk oakland?
Movie Times: ?movies? + location
Ex: ?movies ny? or ?movies 95050?
Horoscope: astrological sign
Ex: ?libra?
WiFi Hotspot Locator: ?hotspot? + location
Ex: ?hotspot 90210? or ?hotspot vegas?
Fun searches:
“shot” ?drink? ? return a random drink recipe
?joke? ? return a one-line joke
?pickup? ? return a pickup line
Learn about all of 4INFO?s services:
What?s the risk?
No risk, actually. 4INFO does not require registration for their free service, which includes all of the above search categories. They also provide customizable alerts and shortcuts so you can have scores sent to you nightly or weather forecasts each morning, for example. For those services, you must register and confirm your phone with the company. The company will not send SMS spam to your phone either.

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