Title: IT Audits: Capitalizing on Current Events

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IT audits are the natural consequences after IT disasters hit the news. Ask your customers what their backup system is, virus protection, etc. during IT audits.

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Worms and viruses are actually a good thing for your marketing. When they are mentioned in the news, there?s an excellent chance that the small businesses that you?re targeting are feeling the pain and feeling the pinch. There?s nothing like a massive blackout to raise tremendous awareness!

Events like these raise awareness of the need for power protection and orderly shutdowns and backup generators. And of course, the worm and the virus cleanup issues and the security ramifications are tremendous. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to do IT audits.

Marketing Plan for IT Audits

Put together some kind of fixed price IT audits package that you can deliver. Go in with a big inventory checklist, and talk with them about the physical security of their system, what they?re doing with virus protection, if they?re properly licensed, if they?re keeping it properly updated, what their firewalls look like, how that?s kept up to date, the last time they did a check of their tape drive or storage systems, etc.

With almost all small businesses, when you go into a new account, there?s a huge cleanup opportunity. Businesses all seem to think that they?re much better protected against viruses and security than they really are. If you ask them how current their antivirus software is, they?ll believe it is up to date. Through IT audits, you may find that it is over 2 years old. That?s a huge opportunity for you to do your magic.

Don’t Forget Data Backups

When you ask prospects about their data backup, you sometimes you get blank stares or they tell you want they think you want to hear. In reality, their stuff is very rarely kept current if they don?t have a good tech provider or someone good in-house to do these kinds of things.

The Bottom Line about IT audits

Those are big opportunities to identify some of the weaknesses and obviously the end result of IT audits is that you put together an organized plan of attack for what to do to fix it. It may be upgrades, more training, replacement, etc.

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